We are your Partner!

HANSEI CORPORATION is a team of professionals with proven track record in the Philippines that has the ability and capability to successfully transform your plan into reality. As we continue to commit and provide high quality power project, products, and services in compliance to the statutory, regulatory and industry requirements for the satisfaction of our customers.


We are PCAB CERTIFIED “AAA” Specialty Electrical Contractor and with our Primary Business in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction works on Power Generation, Transmission Line, Distribution Systems, Industrial Plant and infrastructure including construction of Electric Power Facilities, and Utilities on EPC Lump Sum Turnkey basis in the Philippines


We aim as an organization to contribute to providing solutions and innovations for
sustainable electric power supply around the Philippines and around the world.


Hansei Corporation, operating its business with loyalty, integrity, and accountability, is dedicated to provide excellent engineering, procurement and construction services to its customers by means of giving high quality and innovative products, services and solutions through the maintenance of strong and trusted relationships with its customers, partners and suppliers.


Hansei Corporation envisions itself to be the leading engineering, procurement, and constructions company in the country, providing the best products and services to the satisfaction of customers in the power industry and a welcome partner in the local community where it operates.

Quality Policy

Our survival depends on our customers!


Hence, together with our suppliers and technical partners, Hansei commits to provide high quality power products and services to the satisfactions of its customers.


Guided by the vision and strong leadership direction of our management team, we will continue to improve our services by deploying processes, systems, technologies and innovations that have been proven effective by others. We will continue to engage in the continuing training of our staff to keep abreast with new technologies.


As we are geared towards our existence and more business and market opportunities in the power industry, we search and offer innovative solutions and contribute for reliable, efficient, and affordable electricity contributory for national economic development.

Hansei Corporation

Since its establishment in 1989, HANSEI CORPORATION has played an important role with beneficial contribution to the Philippine economic development.


As one of the reputable General Trading and Engineering companies in the Philippines, HANSEI had successfully and satisfactorily completed numerous projects and services relative to the fields of Electric Power Generation, Transmission Lines, Substations, Distribution Systems, Industrial Plants and Infrastructure development Projects. These remarkable achievements were realized through the incessant efforts, management expertise and technical capabilities of its owners, officers and staff and in close business cooperation with affiliated foreign principal manufacturers, contractors and renowned international companies.


Based on its corporate quest of achieving reliability, creativity, resourcefulness and challenge, HANSEI shall pursue its fundamental business strategies for growth opportunities in new industries and emerging markets. Its objectives are to:


       (i) expand its presence while providing technical excellence and high quality of service and standards and,

       (ii) adapt correspondingly to the fast-changing business environment on the global market.


For our success, we are obliged to meet the challenges for improved quality of services and we recognize that it is your unsparing support and cooperation that have made us what we are today.